5 Reasons Why We Sell Libertarian T-Shirts

Merchant Of Liberty is America's leading online store for liberty apparel. If you are looking for Libertarian shirts, or even just funny political apparel, you've come to the right place. Stop wearing those old, outdated libertarian t-shirts that 40-year-olds in their basements wear. It's 2018 and we've got some unique t-shirt designs for liberty lovers.

What are you going to wear for the next Libertarian Convention? You better be rocking a "Taxation Is Theft" or a "Don't Tread On Me" shirt.

 We are constantly getting in updated and new designs for our liberty gear, and strive to be the #1 resource for Libertarian t-shirts. 


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Above is one of our newer designs. In this day and age where college students are hurrying along into their safe spaces, and where feelings tend to trump sound logic, this t-shirt is the perfect representation of how your rights cannot and should not be infringed upon by those who feel offended.

People may not like to hear which bathroom to go to because of recent trans issues, or they may not like the fact that you own a 9mm MP40 pistol. Well, they just have to suck it up because they can't really do anything about your God-given, natural rights.

So these Libertarian shirts are more than just cool sayings -- they are helping change the political atmosphere, and bringing back what it means to be a true American patriot, and a Constitution-abiding citizen.

Government has become so big that it has outgrown the scope of what our founding fathers envisioned for our great country. 

At the end of the day, do your part as a responsible liberty-loving citizen to spread the message of liberty, and advocate these 5 principles: 

  1. Limited Government
  2. Individualism
  3. Peace
  4. Tolerance
  5. Free Markets


If we, as a nation of liberty-loving citizens fight for these principles, we will get closer to a more free and prosperous nation.


To Liberty.